Flag_icon When is early intervention with an AAF recommended?
Flag_icon When is early intervention with an AAF recommended?
Flag_icon When is early intervention with an AAF recommended?
Flag_icon When is early intervention with an AAF recommended?
Flag_icon When is early intervention with an AAF recommended?
  • Neocate

    • The Neocate range are Foods for Special Medical Purposes for the dietary management of Cow’s Milk Allergy, Multiple Food Protein Allergies and other conditions requiring an amino acid-based formula, and must be used under supervision after full consideration of all the feeding options, including breastfeeding. 
    • Neocate offers a range of products to help meet the changing nutritional needs of infants with Cow's Milk Allergy as they grow, become toddlers and then young children.   
    • Neocate provides support at time of diagnosis, through the early stages of dietary management, throughout infancy, during weaning and through the early years of childhood.




    • Neocate has a strong evidence based heritage with 35 years clinical experience and 90 publications.

    Neocate is made up of a non-allergenic base of 100% free amino acids, and is manufactured in a milk free environment.




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    Accurate at time of publication. February 2019

  • Neocate Syneo: The only AAF with pre- and probiotics

    Nutrition during the first months of life has a significant influence on the development and composition of the gut microbiota1.

    Research shows that allergic infants including those with Cow’s Milk Allergy (CMA) and Multiple Food Protein Allergies (MFPA) have an imbalance in the gut microbiota profile, known as ‘dysbiosis’1-3.

    Gut microbiota dysbiosis in early infancy may delay oral tolerance, which can play an important role in the development of immune related conditions such as food allergy and atopic dermatitis4-10.

    Microbiota dysbiosis Synbiotics


      Pre and Pro Biotics


    Assign Study



    *Accurate at time of publication, February 2020 

  • Neocate LCP, the only AAF with over 35 years experience of managing CMA

    Neocate LCP is a hypoallergenic amino acid formula designed to meet the nutritional needs of infants who have CMA, MFPA or require an amino acid formula from birth.


    Neocate LCP can be used as a sole source of nutrition up to the age of 1 year. It can be used in combination with breast milk and/or diet during or after weaning. 

    Infants prescribed Neocate LCP have been shown to have fast and effective relief from symptoms

    • Within 3 days – significant improvement of eczema and other symptoms1
    • Within 14 days – increased weight and infants showing complete resolution of symptoms2

    Neocate LCP can resolve symptoms unresolved on an eHF*.3


    Up to 10% of infants with uncomplicated CMA and up to 40% of infants with more complex allergy may be intolerant to an eHF.3

    • AAF formulas were found to be effective where symptoms persisted with an eHF.

    Guidelines suggest that symptoms should resolve within 2-4 weeks on an eHF and if still persisting an AAF should be considered.4

    Neocate LCP supports growth vs an eHF


    Neocate LCP is the only Amino Acid Formula (AAF) that:

    • is suitable as a sole source of nutrition up to 12 months
    • contains LCPs in line with EFSA recommendations for the visual development of infants and in a 1:1 ratio6,7
    • is part of an age-adapted range of products
    • is supported by over 90 publications and over 35 years of clinical experience 


    * Extensively Hydrolysed Formula

    Accurate at time of publication, February 2020 



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  • The unique spoonable product for babies from 6 months & children as a helpful alternative to dairy foods.

    Neocate Spoon is a unique hypoallergenic amino acid spoonable product designed to supplement the nutritional intake of infants with CMA, MFPA or those who require an amino acid formula from 6 months onwards. Neocate Spoon is suitable as a supplement to the diet only, and should be used alongside breastmilk or hypoallergenic formula.

    Neocate Spoon can be used:


    • On its own or mixed with other foods
      • during weaning to introduce new texture and variety to the diet
      • for increasing food variety, when introducing new foods, for example mixed with fruit or a compote, or mashed vegetable
      • for different meal times and snacks e.g. dessert, you can flavour it (e.g. fruit jelly, for puree preparation or as a yoghurt alternative)
    • As a supplement to boost the nutritional content of foods as the child gets older and nutritional requirements change
    • As a helpful, palatable alternative to dairy foods, helping meet the nutritional requirements of a growing child

    Neocate Spoon is:

    • the first spoonable product for CMA and MFPA
    • a worry free option to increase variety, including new tastes and textures to the diet to help support compliance
    • palatable, can be mixed with sweet or savoury foods or on its own
    • easy to adapt to portion size
    • designed to help meet the nutritional requirements of a growing child, a typical serving provides over 50% of the daily requirement for calcium* 

    *Children with CMA and MFPA may be at higher risk of inadequate calcium intakes (Christie et al. J Am. Diet Assoc 2002;102:1648-1651. Meyer et al. Clin Transitional Allergy 2014;4:31). Reference nutrient intake for children aged 1-6 years.

    Information accurate at time of publication, February 2019

  • Neocate Junior is a unique Amino Acid-based Formula tailored for children with Cow's Milk Allergy over one year of age.

    The demographics of food allergy appear to be changing, and many children now have food allergies which persist during childhood.1,2 These children will continue to need nutritional support and advice beyond the age of 1 year. It is important that their nutritional intake develops with the corresponding changes in their requirements as they grow.


    Neocate Junior is uniquely tailored to meet a child’s changing dietary requirements as they grow older; 350ml of Neocate Junior meets approximately 50% of the RNIs for calcium, vitamin D and iodine for children from 1-10 years. Allergic children are at increased risk of nutritional deficiencies including calcium, vitamin D and iodine3,4.

    Why use Neocate Junior?

    • Neocate Junior provides flexible concentrations to meet different patient requirements and to support a smooth transition – it can be prepared at 0.69kcal/ml, 1 kcal/ml, or concentrated to 1.26kcal/ml.
    • Neocate Junior offers a single solution for oral and tube feeding, as well as being suitable as a sole source of nutrition or as a supplement to the diet.
    • Neocate Junior is available in three great tasting flavours, Strawberry, Vanilla and Unflavoured.** 
    • Neocate Junior is well tolerated and has excellent compliance.*
    • Neocate Junior is hypoallergenic and manufactured in a milk-free environment.

    * Accurate as of date of publication, March 2017

    ** n=51 HCPs, Data on file, May 2016

    When to use Neocate Junior?

    Neocate Junior is suitable for children over the age of one year with Cow's Milk Allergy (CMA), Multiple Food Protein Allergy (MFPA), or other conditions where an Amino Acid-based Formula is indicated. Neocate Junior is suitable for oral and tube feeding, as well as being suitable as a sole source of nutrition or as a supplement to the diet.

    UPDATE: Mixing instructions for Neocate Junior are changing from September 2018. Please refer to the Directions for Use in the data card below, or request further information via the Nutricia Resource Centre.

    *Clinical Data on file, May 2016   

    Information accurate at time of publication (September 2018)

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