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    Working together for better paediatric care

    Nutricia introduces the ExpertCare programme as a response to growing customer needs. It builds on the extensive range of complete nutritional products offered by Nutricia and encourages the sharing of knowledge and services to best help children requiring nutritional support.


    1. Focus on paediatrics

    Uniting the strong community of healthcare professionals with a common aim of helping children with nutritional needs


    2. Knowledge is power

    Sharing stories, case studies, clinical research and experiences with the paediatric community


    3. Extensive product range with shared services

    Nutricia has a diverse range of paediatrics products and an infrastructure to share services and resources.This all seeks to benefit customers and their patients.


    Allergy Relief

    Helping patients, families and healthcare professionals to successfully manage Cow’s Milk Allergy and Multiple Food Protein Allergies.

    Based on customer feedback and research, we’ve tailored core pillars to align with the allergy category, detailed below.

    Some general findings from our research:


    • 86% of dietitians think a wide product range is very important
    • 63% of dietitians believe product innovation is very important


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